After more than 10 years


in a management position at one of the biggest german building material producer I became self-employed in 2003. My freelance employees and I are specialisted on optimization projects in the clay and concrete materials processing industry. 

At the end of 2008 I met Karl-Heinz Brakemeier after reading an andvertisement of his in the "ZI". He was looking for a successor for his buisness and since the beginning of 2009 we had been working together. By the end of 2012 i founded the "new" Keratek GmbH and moved to Bad Essen shortly before the CERAMITEC 2015.

My main focus is the optimization of consisting systems and plants. But I also habe extensive experiences concerning rebuilding systems and constructing new ones with all the well-known suppliers in our industry.


You are convinced that your buisness still has some potentials? Invest the time to contact me and let us take the way to succes together.