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Turboblock 800

Intensive circulation of hot gases

  • For the heating- and coolingzone of your tunnel kiln
  • compact design and easy to install
  • integrated design, no ducting outside of the kiln roof
  • improved combustion of the organic components of the raw materials like porosing agents for insulating bricks due to high local recirculation ratio
  • controlled turbulence by means of programmable speed regulation of the motor
  • step by step expansion
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Turbo Duo

Developed for heating zones and pre-firing

  • High circulation power (>15.000 m3/h) combined with strong compression to obtain high static pressure at the outlet nozzles.
  • Special radial fan with two outlets to split the circulation-gases 50% towards and 50% against the flue gas flow direction.
  • Circulation gases are primarily extracted out of the hot sector but also out of the cooler TOW-plateau area.
  • Sucked circulation-gases can be heated up to the required temperature optionally (one combustion chamber per side each with up to 400kW power).
  • Lower cunstruction height than conventional systems by integrating the suction boxes into the kiln roof.
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Turbo Kompakt 500


Our answer to our customers demand for low-priced and highly effective circulators for the heating- and cooling zones.

  • Proven functional principle:
    Sucking off the hot gases from the roof area, blown in from above with high speed.
  • Special feature:
    Avoiding deposits in the pipes by customized profiles and optimized flow profiles.
  • Highlight: Modular system with prefabricated components which are mainly pre-assembled and will be delivered to your cunstruction area with prepared insulation.
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Turbo Jet


A motive nozzle to create selective gas flows inside the firing kiln

  • creating circulation effects in narrow flow areas
  • improving the oxygen level in the heating area
  • optimizing the temperature distribution in the cooling zone
  • in operation continous or pulsed
  • single use or as an "air shower"
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Our data logger to monitor your systems

Extensive functions:

Logs the vibration level, tempreatures of bearings, medium temperatures, current electircal consumptions of the motor and more.

Easy handling:

Retrieve the data via LAN by web application or on-site via Bluetooth by means of a mobile app (android or iOS). You can get warning messages via e-mail optionally.